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    eOcambo Technology is locally owned and managed and we are about providing only quality Products and Services to the Hotel and Hospitality industry in Cambodia.

    We offer trusted and specialized online Hospitality Technology through our Hotel Link Solutions product and its suite of solutions to maximize revenue and provide flexibility for accommodation providers.

    Our Premium Websites are second to none when it comes to design and innovation allowing our Cambodian clients to showcase their uniqueness to the world.

    What sets eOcambo Technology apart is our Client Support Services, we take ongoing client service very seriously and our dedicated Khmer support team offer training, advice and support to our clients whenever it is required.


    Premium Website

    Every business has its own unique qualities and offers something different to their guests or customers compared to their competition. At eOcambo Technology we recognise that being unique means providing our clients with a Premium Website that showcases and matches their business model and goals.

    • Website Design
    • Web Services
    • Branding Design
    • Web Application

    Mobile Website

    The fastest growing area of travel search and travel bookings is mobile. By most estimates between around 40% of all travel bookings will be made using mobile devices by 2017. Being mobile enabled is no longer optional, or something you can put off. Most likely, if you’ve had your current website for more than two years, it will not be a mobile-enabled responsive design. The good news is that we have the solution.

    • Optimised Design
    • Easy to Build and Navigate
    • Google Tools Integrated
    • SEO Optimised & Fast
    • All the tools you need to create a beautiful website
    • Mobile visitors direct to your mobile website

    Domain Hosting

    eOcambo Technology takes the confusion out of organizing a Domain name and arranging where it will be hosted so your website address is secure and at all times belongs to you.

    Domain Hosting is not just about your website presence on the internet as part of our service eOcambo Technology will also ensure you have email accounts to match your web address including the right amount of storage and bandwidth needed for your business.

    • Domain Name Registration
    • Hosting / Cloud Hosting
    • 24x7x365 Support

    Social Media

    The Social Media solution assists your property with getting started on the most important social networks for accommodation providers. Every eOcambo Technology client is set up with a complete TripAdvisor listing, a Facebook page and a Google My Business account.

    • TripAdvisor Listings
    • Google My Business Pages
    • Facebook Page

    Booking Engine

    Take full control of updates to room rates, inventory, stop sales, and promos for your property. Effectively yield manage and maximise profits. Our Booking Engine provides all the management tools for hotels to optimise occupancy and revenue levels.

    • Manage all your bookings in one place
    • Easy control of your room information
    • Flexibility to sell any kind of room
    • Adjust rates and availability with a few clicks
    • SMS Booking Notifications
    • PMS Connection
    • Payment Gateways
    • Get listed on AccommodationCentral

    Booking Widget

    Travellers expect to be able to check live availability and then book instantly, whether via a laptop or a smartphone. If you don’t have a booking widget, or you have one which is not mobile friendly, then you will lose bookings to both competitors and OTAs. An integrated booking widget in a property website is the best way to attract online customers and manage bookings.

    • Online Bookings Made Easy… Everywhere.
    • High Conversion Checkout Pages
    • Check-Out Booking Extras
    • Ask For Less To Sell More
    • Freedom to Choose Your Payment Method
    • Seamless Integration with Your Website
    • Search Widget Integration
    • Everything Works on Mobile

    Channel Manager

    The Channel Manager connects rates, availability, stop sell and more details to all the key online channels, such as Agoda, Expedia, and Booking.com. Your data updates are automatically shared with all connected channels.

    • Ready and Easy to Connect
    • Rate Parity is Easy to Achieve
    • Connections with Global and Regional OTAs

    Front Desk

    Our Front Desk solution is designed for small to medium sized accommodations. It is a simple, low cost, and very intuitive system that integrates seamlessly with our booking platform. When building the Hotel Link Solutions Front Desk module we listened carefully to our clients and analysed the best existing systems out there to see what we could learn from them and improve upon, at an affordable price.

    • Calendar
    • Booking Status in Colour
    • Easy Access to Booking Details
    • Drag and Drop to Reallocate Rooms
    • Personalized Guest Emails
    • Easily Add Booking Extras
    • Guest Account & Invoice
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