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    online digital marketing

    What is Online Digital Marketing and why do I need it?

    This is a question asked by many business people and the answers are surprisingly simple.

    Online Digital Marketing means all of your online marketing and promotion.

    This will include internet channels such as Google search, Social Media like facebook or Tripadvisor , Email, websites like Agoda and any other internet based applications where your business can connect with current and possible new guests or customers.

    Although the answer is quite simple, however understanding how to plan and choose the best Online Technology Solutions for your business to have the biggest Online Digital Marketing impact and target more guests or customers who want to visit Cambodia is complicated.

    eOcambo Technology specializes in providing Hospitality Businesses with the best online solutions and marketing tools to reach their target guests or customers and grow their business.

    Due to the massive expansion in visitors to Cambodia booking online through OTA, direct premium websites with booking engines or social media any business now that does not have  practical and innovative Online Digital Marketing plan and online solutions to achieve their plan are being left behind and loosing revenue to their competition.

    eOcambo Techonology

    Our Product

    Hotel Link Solutions

    • Hotel Channel Manager – Connect to OTA
    • Booking Engine – Manage Room Rates & Inventory
    • Template Website- Low cost with Limited Flexibility
    • Booking Widget – Connects with existing websites
    • Social Media – Integrated Direct Booking and Website access.

    eOcambo Technology

    • Leaders in Hospitality Technology Solutions
    • Dedicated Support and Service provided in Cambodia
    • Online Digital Marketing Experts
    • Ongoing Training Provided to Clients
    • Innovative Website Design and Branding Advice
    • Cambodian owned and managed company

    Premium Custom Websites

    • Unique high quality digital design and branding
    • Tailored to meet individual business marketing objectives
    • Expandable and Flexible adapts as your business changes and grows
    • Higher return on investment as easily modified to ensure a long lifespan
    • User friendly Content Management System - (CMS)
    • Outstanding Search Engine Optimization capability - (SEO)
    • Higher level of security than Template websites


    Creative Online Hospitality Technology Giving Our Clients A Competitive Edge Increasing Their Revenue.


    Provide Local Support For Clients Giving Advice & Assistance Ensuring Maximum Value From eOcambo Technology Solutions.


    Unique Premium Websites That Showcase Our Clients Special Points Of Difference Through Innovative Design.


    Give Our Clients Clear & Measurable Results From Our Solutions & Advice Using Online Digital Marketing Tools


    Our Cambodian team goal is always too exceed our clients
    expectations and match their brief to produce innovative design Premium Websites

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